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    Social Background and the Demographic Life Course: Cross-National Comparisons

    Ettekande teeb: Prof. dr. A.C. (Aart) Liefbroer

    Professor of Demography of the Lifecourse at the University Medical Center Groningen
    Professor of Demography of Young Adults and Intergenerational Transmission at the Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam
    Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Aeg : 10.märts 2022 kell 16:30

    Koht: Tallinna Ülikool, Mare maja, M-552


    Experiencing social disadvantage in childhood has important consequences for the demographic life course. For instance, it increases the risk for early childbirth, having children outside a stable partner relationship and experiencing divorce. However, some countries seem to do better in buffering these potentially negative consequences than others. In this presentation, I will present results from a large project that has studied these issues across European societies. I will be discussing the mechanisms linking social background and adult demographic behaviours and potential country-level factors that buffer the negative consequences of childhood disadvantage.

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