Structure and Staff

Scientific board

The activities of the Institute are guided by scientific board, which performs the following functions:

  • to advise the long-term research and organisational strategy of the Institute and establish relevant priorities
  • on a regular basis, to evaluate research proposal and implementation reports, including annual research and financial reports
  • appointment of research staff
  • maintain coordination between various scientific and government institutions on principal matters relating to demographic research

The membership of the board (adopted by Tallinn University, 29.10.2021) is as follows:


Allan Puur , Tallinn University, Estonian Institute for Population Studies


Lauri Leppik, Tallinn University, Estonian Institute for Population Studies

Mall Leinsalu, National Institute for Health Development

Luule Sakkeus, Tallinn University, Estonian Institute for Population Studies

Tiit Tammaru, University of Tartu

Martin Klesment, Tallinn University, Estonian Institute for Population Studies

Aigi Rahi-Tamm, University of Tartu

General management concept

  • The management concept of the Institute implies limited permanent staff - determined by funding constraints - consisting of a core of full-time senior researchers. To this core a number of project-based affiliated researchers as well as supporting staff are added
  • The viability of the Institute management relies on close cooperation and networking, through Estonian Demographic Association, with relevant institutions and individual researchers. For the latter, the Institute serves for the site of population-related expertise, information and training
  • For major undertakings the Institute is calling researchers/experts from different institutions into working groups, and when necessary, applying for formal recognition

Research staff

The organisational structure of the Institute builds on integrated research themes, promoting the participation of research staff simultaneously across the themes. Affiliated staff, participating in research activities on project basis, is supported by Estonian Demographic Association and postgraduate training programme at Tallinn University.

Theme A: Estonian population development in Baltoscandian and European context

Members: Liili Abuladze, Anne Herm, Martin Klesment, Lauri Leppik, Michel Poulain, Allan Puur, Asta Põldma,Leen Rahnu, Luule Sakkeus, Katrin Schwanitz, Magnus Piirits

Affiliated: Hanna Vseviov, Sanan Abdullayev, Tanel Paas, Tomass Nielsen

Theme B: Historical demography

Members: Hannaliis Jaadla, Martin Klesment, Kersti Lust, Margus Maiste, Mark Gortfelder


Theme C: Population data methodology and national statistics

Members: Anne Herm, Allan Puur, Asta Põldma, Luule Sakkeus, Tiina Tambaum

Researcher emeritus

Asta Põldma

      CVs of principal researchers

      Allan Puur

      Luule Sakkeus

      Martin Klesment

      Leen Rahnu

      Liili Abuladze

      Mark Gortfelder